About me

JD on stageHi, I am Jeremiah (JD) Richards. Most of my friends call me JD. I am the Lead Pastor at Columbia Church, a North Point Community Church church plant opening Fall 2009 in Columbia, SC.

I have one wife, Michelle, and two sons, Cade and Benjamin. I love leading in the greatest organization on the planet, the church. I am addicted to good food and Starbucks.

Words that get me going: family, Jesus, friends, leadership, Soccer, futbol, Guitar Hero, fishing, coffee, Mt. biking, working out, just to name a few.

Drop me a note at richards.jd(at)gmail.com


2 responses

4 05 2008

I love you man….I love your heart for the kids in our church and your addiction to God as well as your addiction to Starbucks!!!! Keep me posted on your seminary thing (I must be out of the loop) …and yes, I will still volunteer to cook next year (Elevate ’09)
Your BIG Bro,

7 01 2009
Jason Ashley

Nice meeting up with you on twitter keep making Jesus Famous!

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