Map for that

5 10 2009

Ok, I love my IPhone!, but this is funny and pretty accurate.



Trans Siberian Orchestra Rocked My World

10 11 2008

Huge thank you to my good friend Jimmy Smith,, for getting my wife and I tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra. I have never seen a better concert ever.

Thanks Jimmy!

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16 10 2008

“Error does not become truth because it is widely accepted, and truth does not become error even when it stands alone.”

Author not known

Apple iTunes Genius

12 09 2008

I love one of the new features in iTunes 8, available today. There a a ton of additions to the already awesome iTunes software, but my favorite so fare is the Genius.

The Genius will take a song that you select and than make a playlist from your library of recomendations based on the selected song. One thing I dont like to spend much time on is selecting music to listen to. I want to push play and simply enjoy. I know people who spend way to much time making sure there playlists are perfectly to their liking, not for me!

Genius can also recommend music from the iTunes store that you can purchase from a Genius sidebar. This will certainly make more $$$ for Apple. Someone had a great idea with Genius! It is like Pandora Radio inside your music library.

Just click Genius and enjoy!

Buckhead Church Night Of Worship

15 08 2008


I am sitting in my living room experiencing the night of worship with Buckhead Church. How awesome is it when on my tv I can see and be apart of a worship experience hundreds of miles away.

I am displaying the video streem from the Buckhead blog on my tv and playing the audio from my mac book pro into my home theature. It is pretty tight.

Awesome night Buckhead!

Digital Worship

6 08 2008

If you are a worship guy or girl and want to venture into using some nice digital tools to such as loops and synthesized sounds in your worship leading you must check out

I have already learned a ton just from reading a few posts.

Awesome stuff check it out.


30 07 2008

I am at a local club to see a concert with my wife. She wanted to see SecondHand Serenade, so for our anniversary we are here.

There are 5 bands and they are all great. What has impressed me though is how the sound and production is done so well. There should be a ton of church leaders and worship leaders here just taking notes.

The sound is loud and clean, maybe 110db. The crowd is totally into it, I don’t know a worship leader who would not love to have a crowd this into a set.

The muscician are better than 90% of the people most churches put on stage. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see close to 1000 people wait in line for hours to worship at your church? Maybe we should pay attention to the world a little more and stop arguing with ourselves, and copying the megachurch down the street?

Maybe you need to go to a club and see what is engaging our culture and take some notes.