A Meaningful Easter

14 04 2009

For those of us in church world we should be the most attune to the amazing events that Easter celebrates, but sadly many of us have been guilty of letting the production and stress of getting everything right get in the way that we miss the simple message.

An innocent man died a criminals death to save me! Jesus did everything required to give me life and freedom from my sin.

So this Easter, 2 days ago, I determined to not allow that to happen. I am currently not committed to any church on the weekends so I often travel and serve other places. Columbia Church does not have a weekend service and will not for some time so we are always looking for places to serve.

On Good Friday I got a phone call from Jay Hardwick, a church planter and friend here in Columbia. Jay is the lead pastor of Awaken Church. They will not launch a public weekend service until this fall, but they did have a number of people who were going to be baptized on Easter. You can read about that on Jay’s blog. The people who were being baptized invited a TON of friends and family and all the sudden Jay needed help running and serving that morning. He asked if Columbia Church could help.

It was late notice, but I wanted to do anything I could to help. We were able to put together a small team of 11 to go and help. We set up the sound system, worship environment, children’s environment, served as host team, and ran the media presentation. It was awesome! Our Easter celebration was spent serving. I could think of no better way to thank Jesus for His sacrifice than by serving His church.

That day 7 people professed Jesus as their Lord and were baptized. I know we only had a small part in it, but we were blessed to have been used. God moved in that school cafeteria and eternity was changed.

I was never more proud of Columbia Church than I was this Easter as we served another church and watched and celebrated God changing lives.

After a great morning at Awaken Church I came home and took a 2 hour nap then went to my mother and father in-laws home for a wonderful dinner with family and Columbia Church friends. It really was a beautiful day celebrating all that Jesus has done for me.

Thank you Jesus!



16 10 2008

“Error does not become truth because it is widely accepted, and truth does not become error even when it stands alone.”

Author not known

In Tears

15 10 2008

“God doesn’t heal us to use us. He heals us because He loves us and then He invites us to play.”

William Paul Young, author of The Shack

That has tons to say to anyone in ministry.

Day At The Fair

11 10 2008

A great day at the South Carolina State Fair.

Caption Please

23 09 2008

So a blogging companion, Carlos Whittaker over at www.ragamuffinsoul.com, is notorious for posting pictures that are either funny, gross, bizarre, or amazing images and than he asks for a caption. This was his latest one.

Caption please?

I replied,

Spinach artichoke dip, yum. Who has a chip?

So I have a growing collection of such images captured on my iphone and I thought I might share them and ask you to do the same.

Here is the first one.

Caption please.

Small Blessings

22 09 2008

So today I got to go out to lunch with my wife and kids to Chilis’s. It is alwasy nice to be able to break for lunch with the family. After we finished eating I asked the waiter for the check and he told me it was taken care of. The waiter told me that the guys sitting across the isle had paid my bill. My wife and I just sat there.

We have done that to others, but to my knowledge it had never been done to us. The waiters we shocked. To them it was a testimony of kindness, to me it was God, in a small way, saying I care and I am involved. My wife and I are not struggling financially, but it still spoke to us. The God that holds the earth in it’s place motivated a couple of buisness men to reach into their pockets to bless me.

God, Thank you.

So what small act of kindness or encouragement have you recieved lately?

Couch Fort

21 09 2008

This may be the coolest couch fort ever. At least my boys think so.