Ant Hills or Mountains?

27 06 2009

So a few days ago a good friend of mine, David, shot me this passage via text message:

Matt. 21:23-27

David pulled a thought out that was pretty interesting. He said that we, like the Pharisees, become paralyzed by the voices of the crowd. When we do this, Jesus chooses not to act.

Great point!

I continued to think through this a little more over the next day or so and went and read the passage again and this time read Matt. 21:18-27.

Matthew 21:18-27 brought some context to my thinking. Jesus tells the disciples that with faith and prayer nothing is impossible and that they could even move mountains. For me the issue here is that I often limit God to moving ant hills and not mountains. Most people don’t dream mountain sized dreams and pray mountain sized prayers. We are satisfied with God helping us close this next deal, helping us get a passing grade on a paper, or adding another 3% growth to our church again this year.

What if God’s real desire was to move a mountain on your behalf? How would you pray? What would you dream?

Then I read Matt. 21:23-27 and now Jesus is limited when we listen to the voices of the crowd instead of doing what He has asked. That lead me to post this Twitter update that still has me dreaming God sized dreams today.

via Twitter…

“Matt. 21:18-26 Will u be limited by the voices of the crowd or will Jesus move mountains on you behalf? Dont listen to the crowd. Pray big!”

What God sized dream has been growing inside of you that you have pushed aside because of the voices of the crowd? What great thing do you believe God can do through you if only you had the courage to start asking for it through prayer?




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