Our First Columbia Church Info Meeting

28 03 2009
1st Information Meetign

1st Information Meeting

On Thursday March 26, we had our first Columbia Church information meeting. It was awesome to uncork some of the excitement that has been building over the last 2 months as we have been meeting in launch groups.

There were exactly 30 people in attendance and 9 of those we had never seen before. We were praying for 30 people so that was great to see. Those 9 individuals represent 5 unique families so the potential for growth is certainly there.

One thing that continues to surprise me is the balance of the demographics we are attracting. It is great to see us attracting those 40+ as well as the 20-30 crowd. This simply reinforces the idea that a dynamic relevant church is not a young person thing. This type of church is desired by everyone.

Take a minute to check out some of the set-up pics. You can click on the Flickr sidebar on the right side of the page or click here to go directly to my Flickr page.

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who made that evening happen. You served with excellence. I am humbled to serve you and excited to see what God does through us. THANK YOU!





One response

13 04 2009

That’s awesome man. Excited to hear it went well & praying that the next one this month is awesome as well. stoked for you guys…

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