Columbia – We are not okay

5 01 2009

I was reading this morning and read through one of Seth Godin’s recent posts and it challenged the heck out of me. Read it below and I will make a few comments to contextualize the ideas at the end.

“Is everything okay?

Unless you work in a nuclear power plant, the answer is certainly no (and if you work there, I hope the answer is yes.)

No, everything is not okay. Not in a growing organization. Not if your company is making change happen, or dealing with customers. How could it be?

And yet, that’s what so many managers focus on. How to make everything okay.

We spend so much time smoothing things out, we lose the opportunity for change, or for texture or creativity.

Instead of working so hard to make everything okay, perhaps it is more helpful to work hard at living with a world that rarely is.”

That should push every student, housewife, engineer, leader, pastor, and everyone else! In church world this is so easy to fall prey to. Having to produce over and over again each week, it is easy to set the standard at “okay” and not push to change the world. There is enormous pressure in leadership to sell vision to the popular majority and never see the awesome world changing consequences of following Jesus completely.

I am printing this statement out and plastering it on my office wall, while I have an office wall, and on a notebook. “We spend so much time smoothing things out, we lose the opportunity for change, or for texture or creativity.”

I will lead a church that brings change, texture and creativity to Columbia, SC. This will happen not because I am any more skilled than anyone else, or because we have more resources, but because when it comes to reaching the unchurched in Columbia we can not be okay with “okay”. Jesus didn’t come just for church people. He came for everybody!




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