Ministry Pharisee

2 01 2009

Reading John 7 today it became apparent to me that I often critize other ministries that God is using to do great things. That is a pharisee!

Many times Jesus taught and did miracles and the Pharisees rejected Him. Here is John 7 they reject Him for several reasons, but one was because He is from Galilee. Galilee was not the place the Messiah was supposed to come from.

What do you do when the movement of God in your city comes from another place? Another ministry? Do you reject, criticize, and blog crap about them,  because it is not your ministry or do you believe and give glory to God?

I pray that as we launch Columbia Church we will embrase the activity of God that is happening in other places in our city. Places like Dutch Fork Christian ChurchAwaken Columbia , and East Lake Community Church , Newspring, and many others!

God move and may I not be a pharisee…



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