3 12 2008

I don’t know if you have ever been completely humbled by what God was doing in your life, but I am there.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had the provilage of having dinner with my family, but also with Dr. Ramesh Richards. He is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and friends with my father. Dr Remesh is a leader in the Christian Community and a wealth of knowledge. It was humbling to talk to him about what God was doing in my life, planting Columbia Church, and even more humbling to hear him pray a blessing over me and my family as we pursue Gods plan. It was a pleasure spend Thanksgiving with him and his family.

I have discovered that when I make myself aware of Gods presents and acknowledge it I am brought to this place of humility often. God has called and equipped me to plant a new church in Columbia. I know little about planting a church, but God has also given me relationships with several people who are church planting geniuses. Men like David McDaniel, and the North Point Church expansion team, the team at Elevation Chruch, and Jeff Shipman with Crossroads Community Church. As God moves in Columbia Church and lost people find Christ it will be because of the investment of these men and their churches.

I am humbled… How is God humbling you?

Thank you God for all you are doing.

“For Gods call you are inadequate, but you are not incompetant.” Dr. Remesh Richard




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