Viva La Vida

6 10 2008

Two weeks ago our church’s band did Coldplay’s Viva La Vida to open the service. They did a pretty good job on the song even though you can not hear the bass drum. The drum was so loud live we didn’t need to mic it, but that is why it got left off the recording.

So what do you think of churches doing cover songs, or secular songs in a church service? Here at Dutch Fork Christian Church we do it fairly often, but there are others that may have a problem doing secular music in church. I would love to hear your thoughts on both sides of the conversation…




2 responses

6 10 2008
Linda Richards

I think that the discussion goes back to the question, isn’t God the author of creativity? Doesn’t all music (that IS music) flow from the God who gave us the gift in the first place? I think that it is more important to be relevant to a lost world than to be “politically correct” to the mainstream church.

8 10 2008

The above comment is very correct. Also I have seen music used to make a point leading into the service. One service use a song, I think the title was, “I dont even know his name” Very Country, very risky. Fit in very well with the sermon.

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