MidTown Fellowship Experience

30 09 2008

So if you work for a church you know the feeling of pulling off a great service and yet not really connecting with God for yourself. It shouldn’t be that way, I have built systems that are designed to help keep me and the rest of the staff healthy, but sometimes it happens.

So last week Michelle and I, during one of those moments, decided to attend MidTown Fellowship. We had heard great things about MidTown, but had never been there.

Dustin Willis, the lead pastor is doing a great job of creating an church motivated by one vision, to be missionaries to our city. I must have heard that said 10 times during our time at the State Museum. They are a portable church and are using a fantastic space at the South Carolina State Museum. They do a good job making their portable location work. They utilize some fantastic children’s space for their children’s environments and the whole place has a very urban feel with exposed brick and exposed beam ceilings.

The thing I was most impressed with was not how well they did church. There were many things they could improve on and I am sure they will as they continue to move ahead, but what impressed me most was how well the invested in the things that mattered most in carrieing out their vision. I know with unlimited rescources they would imporve several things, but God is moving and Dustin is doing a great job maximising that momentum. I personally know several people who have invited friends to MidTown who have accepted Christ at MidTown, and that is really all that matters!

A few of the things they are doing really well are their media production, worship experience, community missions / outreach and teaching Gods word. I believe God will continue to bless this ministry as they are a blessing to the downtown community.

Rock on MidTown, keep it up God is using you!




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