Small Blessings

22 09 2008

So today I got to go out to lunch with my wife and kids to Chilis’s. It is alwasy nice to be able to break for lunch with the family. After we finished eating I asked the waiter for the check and he told me it was taken care of. The waiter told me that the guys sitting across the isle had paid my bill. My wife and I just sat there.

We have done that to others, but to my knowledge it had never been done to us. The waiters we shocked. To them it was a testimony of kindness, to me it was God, in a small way, saying I care and I am involved. My wife and I are not struggling financially, but it still spoke to us. The God that holds the earth in it’s place motivated a couple of buisness men to reach into their pockets to bless me.

God, Thank you.

So what small act of kindness or encouragement have you recieved lately?




One response

22 09 2008

things like that remind us that theres someone looking out for us even when were not struggling its always nice to know that God uses people to bless others, and that there are always some kind people out there.

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