Shut up about the $$$

12 09 2008

Guess how many times have I heard this, “We can not be creative. We just don’t have the budget.”? Maybe 738, give or take a dozen. Seriously, I have heard that excuse so many times and I have even used it myself.

The truth is creativity is free. It is a talent developed just like any other talent. It takes practice. The people who talk about not having enough money are for the most part being lazy. It is always easier to spend money than it is to creatively think about and create something impacting and memorable.

This is just one example of what that looked like for the children’s ministry of Dutch Fork Christian Church. I am pretty sure the use the 252 Basics and Firstlook curriculums from the Rethink Group. My son Cade brought this home 2 weeks ago and I was really blown away by the creative and cheap way they made an old story like Moses and the Red Sea stick with young children.

To communicate the parting of the Red Sea the class took 2 pieces of paper and glued them togather at the ends and cut the top page. The top was simply painted blue. When it dried every child had a visual they took home. My 4 year old came home and told me the whole story. It was awesome, creative, and cheap.

I reemeber years ago before I every had any money to spend on lighting using rope lighting and coffee cans painted black with a 100 watt light bulb in the bottom to light a stage for our student minsitry worship band. There are tons of things you can do to improve your environment in really cheap ways. If you have been a creatively cheap share your ideas in a response here.



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