Look-a-Like or Distant Cousins

9 08 2008

I I was reading some worship blogs and came across this worship leader from Life Church.tv who in this pic looks a lot like another notable worship leader I know of. The first pic is of the worship from LifeChurch.tv who’s name I don’t know, if you do please let me know. The other pic’s are Carlos Whittaker from Buckhead Church and North Point Community Church.

What other look a likes are in the church world?

What's my name? I am from LifeChurch.tv

What's my name? I am from LifeChurch.tv




4 responses

9 08 2008
Read Scott

Craig Groschel looks exactly like Tom Cruise to me, even though Tom isn’t a Christian…he does go to *a* church.

9 08 2008

His name is Stephen Cole.

9 08 2008

The other worship leader’s name is Stephen Cole…he’s a good guy!

9 08 2008

Your moderation mercy so appreciated. Now time for my real comment.
This post is hysterical and will no doubt move @loswhit into an unprecedented set of actions.

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