9 08 2008

So my wife and I were talking about our children and their creativity and I happened upon a very interesting reality. Creativity is an interesting thing. It is like a muscle for most adults. The more we use it the better it gets. I give that advice to many people, but I think there is another variable at play here that is most evident in children.

I have on my wall in my office a quote from the founder of Visa, Dee Hock, that reads.

“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a room packed with archaic furniture. You must get the old furniture of what you know, think, and believe out before anything new can get in.”

This truth is interesting when you think about children because they have no pre-existing furniture to get rid of. I am learning that observing my children and engaging with my children is maybe the most creativity inspiring activity I can engage in. Everything they do, especially the firsts, is done from a creative angle. They have nothing to hinder their thoughts about things because they are thinking and reacting for the first time. There is a lot to learn from previous experience, but it can also limit us to the rut of how we have always done it.

Children don’t have the tire track worn into the dirt roads of their mind. They are not limited by their past experiences. As leaders of the church creativity should be a part of our work. We serve a creative God, but how have we gotten stuck in a rut. If you preach, lead worship, design worship services, design artwork, or produce videos, when was the last time you did something creative for the first time?

Maybe you need to observe a child and step out of a rut?




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19 08 2008
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