30 07 2008

I am at a local club to see a concert with my wife. She wanted to see SecondHand Serenade, so for our anniversary we are here.

There are 5 bands and they are all great. What has impressed me though is how the sound and production is done so well. There should be a ton of church leaders and worship leaders here just taking notes.

The sound is loud and clean, maybe 110db. The crowd is totally into it, I don’t know a worship leader who would not love to have a crowd this into a set.

The muscician are better than 90% of the people most churches put on stage. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see close to 1000 people wait in line for hours to worship at your church? Maybe we should pay attention to the world a little more and stop arguing with ourselves, and copying the megachurch down the street?

Maybe you need to go to a club and see what is engaging our culture and take some notes.






2 responses

19 08 2008
laura mae

is what engages our culture always good though? often things that are involved in something like a local gig aren’t exactly holy.

20 08 2008

Absolutely true, there are many things about culture that should not be embraced by the church, but what about all the ways the church presents less than her best in the name of Jesus. Often I witness places in culture creating art with higher excellence than the church. This often happens not because the church is at a lack of talent or recourses, but because non Christ followers are either motivated by $$$ or simply the process of creating excellent art and the churches motivation to worship God just isn’t as alive in the hearts Christians.

Why cant our love for God motivate the church to lead in areas of artistic expression and overall excellence?

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