18 07 2008

There are moments that define a community. People will talk about those moments for months and years later as moments that defined them. I hope and have prayed that my experience last Wed. will be one of those moments.

Last Wed. we, Dutch Fork Christian Church, had an opportunity to serve at the 153 Project in downtown Columbia. I had the opportunity to watch DFCC serve the homeless population of Columbia. To my knowledge in all the years I have been on staff at DFCC we have never served in such a way. I watched children hand out food and clothing with their parents. I watched people hug and pray with the homeless. I heard that one student, named Jonah, when interacting with a homeless man noticed that his feet were in terrible shape because of the lack of good shoes. Jonah than preceded to give his almost new, expensive, sneakers to this man. I watch my wife and son wash the feet of homeless men and woman who have been on their feet all day.

This experience is one that I want to shape the course of ministry at DFCC. My wife and I were talking about the evening and said that the ministry done was great, but to create an environment of service we must make this more than a one time experience. We must encourage and even push for this to become who were are and what we do.

I want my children to look back one day and realize that Jesus was not just a Sunday thing. Loving like Jesus is how we lived as a family. That is a legacy worth investing in.




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28 07 2008

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