Good To Great Quote

9 07 2008

I have been reading Good To Great by Jim Collins and am excited to hear him at Catalyst this year. I read this a few days ago and was struck by how the professional business world is often more passionate about the products they are selling than the church is about Christ.

It is sad that many church leaders stand up each week and preach a Jesus that they aren’t passionate about. I have sat through sermons that at the end I wasn’t convinced that the preacher believed what he was saying. Passion is so important. This Jesus we talk about is WAY better than any other product that this world sells. Why do the guys who work for Gillette, McDonalds, and Fannie May have more passion about their product  than the Church does about Jesus? Maybe if we embrace the Great Commission with as much passion as these companies embrace their great commission we might see results equal to theirs.

This world needs more change than a cheap mortgage or a better razor. The church is the only organization that can lead that change by taking the message of the gospel to all people. Maybe we should get a little more passionate.




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