5 07 2008

I had a few thoughts run through my head about a life lived in community. This thing the church the most effective when the people are doing life together, when we are sharing our lives with each other, but there are many things that hinder that community.

1. What I do alone and in my private life always effect the community. There are numerous examples of this throughout the scripture. Kind David commits adultery with Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11. He tries to hide it, but eventually many people are effected and even die because of David’s sin. Achen was apart of a great victory for God when Israel defeats Jericho, but he gets greedy and takes some of the gold for himself, Joshau 7. His greed immediately effects the rest of the Israelite nation in that they no longer have God’s blessing in battle. Many men die because of Achen’s greed.

2. Broken relationships in the community hinder the communities growth. When you have conflict that goes ignored and unresolved you break the connectedness of the community and therefore begin to limit the growth of the community. Matt. 18 is clear how we should resolve conflict, but many are just fine with leaving a conflict unresolved. You than become responsible when that person stops being apart of your community. You think your conflict is just between the 2 of you, but your unresolved conflict is hindering your community.

When community works it is beautiful and lives are changed, lets do everything possible to keep it healthy.




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