3 07 2008

As I read in Acts and Mark yesterday I was struck by a reality that many church leaders find themselves living out. It is easy to preach about, program environments that promote, and lead small groups on faith, and still not live faith.

Mark ch. 5  show us that Jesus was traveling and doing miracles and ministering to people and than ch. 6 happens and Jesus is limited by his own family and friends lack of faith. Mark 6:5-6 is alive and kicking in the lives of many churches and their leaders.

I read about the great things the Holy Spirit did in the lives of the early church and I ask, why do we not see these great things happening today? Why don’t we see the church of Jesus Christ aggressively pushing the ball down the field? Why are so many churches content to celebrate the 3-5 decisions a year and pat ourselves on the back for a few hundred dollars raised for the homeless, don’t get me wrong I celebrate every life changed for Jesus, but could there be more than what most churches experience.

As I look around the country it is happening in different places. Places like Elevation Church,, North Point Community Church, and New Spring Church have all had to step out in faith to see God move. It is easy to point at a large church and credit their success on a great leader, good marketing, and slick environments, but they have all had major faith struggles where the only way they were going to succeeded was for God to move.

The reason most churches don’t see God move is that the leaders are not living on the edge where God has to move. Maybe as church leaders if we start living faith instead of just doing a great job talking about it, presenting it, and programming it, we will see God move amongst our churches.

Maybe our lack of faith is just as limiting as those in Mark 6:5-6.




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