Jr. High Camp

19 06 2008

What a great week…

Some highlights

1. Johnathan dressed in a briadsmaid dress – hilarious (just the first to my memory, not the most important)

2. The long line of Jr. High boys to see the camp nurse

3. Great music – CloudChase did a great job

4. My friend Brian speaking each night

5. Probable the most skilled and dedicated team I have ever lead. The staff made this week! All of them from the counselers to the cooks, everyone did a great job.

6. See several high school student there serving as support staff excited about doing ministry. I have had 3 conversations with high school students who want more of that! They want to be apart of serving and seeing God us them.

7. Some great production. One staff person who has been with me for 3 years commented that our Primetime  evening environment was the best it had ever been. It may be bragging to put that up here, but it was good and who could forget Bubba?

8. Response stations. There was no traditional invitation. There were 6 response stations you could participate in each night. It went over well.

9. Countless examples of life change.

Maybe more later…

Check out some videos. You can also find more by searching Camp Edisto on YouTube.com




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