Where The Homeless Meet Jesus

26 05 2008

Last weekend I had the privilege of going to FL. to celebrate the graduation of my father from Seminary. It felt weird going to my dads graduation as it has always been the other way since my graduation from kindergarten. It was awesome to see my dad accomplish something he has worked 5 years for. The best part however was getting to spend Sat. night and Sun. serving with my dad at the Refuge.

The Refuge is the inercity homeless ministry of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

My dad has served the homeless at the Refuge for 3 – 4 years and has become close friends with many homeless people.

A few things stuck out about my experience at The Refuge. My dad was talking about serving the homeless at The Refuge and he said “I don’t serve the homeless because I feel obligated to serve God. I started with that reason, but now I serve because these are my friends, and seeing my friends suffer hurts.”

WOW!!! Am I in community with people on a level that motivates service when I see friends suffer? Am I in community with people that have nothing to offer me other than genuine friendship and community? Do I serve out of obligation or love for those around me? I love having to ask and answer those questions.

I watched people who this world would say had achieved much serve the homeless. Doctors and millionaires were serving homeless men and woman. I watched dozens of volunteers set up a church of tents to offer a church service complete with great music and powerful teaching. It was awesome to see an offering of excellence given to people who could not fill the offering plate. That day 4 homeless friends accepted Jesus as their savior. It was awesome. Those man and woman who serve at The Refuge are the hands and feet of Jesus. It was a privilege to serve with them and see the homeless of downtown Fort Lauderdale meet Jesus.




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