Distraction By Accumulation

9 05 2008

So I was giving my sons a bath yesterday evening when I asked them how all these toys got in the bath tub. They responded “I don’t know.” I began to think about that and came to an insightful thought. We all live lives of accumulation and our accumulation always leads to distraction.

The toys got in the tub 1 toy at a time. Each evening before bath time the boys ask if they can bring a toy in the bath. I always respond yes and they run off to get a toy. Over time, a week or two, the toys accumulate. The boys consistantly add one toy a night until there is no room for the boys and we have to remove them all.

My life is like that, I bet yours is too. We keep adding things, thinking little about their long term consequence. We add to our schedules. We add to our stuff. We add to our relationships. We add good programs to our ministries. All the additions and accumulation always distract from the things that are most important. Maybe you need to say no. Maybe you need to remove some of the accumulated stuff from the garage. Maybe you need to reevaluate the things you allow onto your schedule. Maybe you need to allow certain relationships to fall to the wayside. Maybe your ministry needs to go Simple Church.

Maybe you need to clean out the tub.




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