Complacency = Death

8 05 2008

I read this yesterday and I got hooked on a verse that has never spoken to me before.

Prov. 1:32

and in the Message

Prov. 1:32 MSG

I got to thinking, how many places in our church’s and lives do we work to get something to a place where we are “happy” with it and than stop? Maybe it’s our marriages, or a friendship, maybe a project at work or an area of ministry. We seem to give things the needed effort to get whatever it is to a place of good enough and than leave it until it requires work again.

But what if we really understood Prov. 1:32 and lived it? What if we really saw complacency as death? See the truth is as soon as we stop pushing forward we start falling backwards. As soon as you stop growing you start dying. Complacency in any area of our lives will always lead to death.

As soon as I am complacent with an area of my leadership I begin to fail as a leader. As soon as I stop learning I start loosing any wisdom gained. As soon as I stop pushing for progress ministry becomes stagnant and stale. Marriages die, children loose touch with their fathers, companies become mediocre, and it all starts to die.

Where has complacency crept into your life?




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