The Most Expensive $180 You Will Ever See

5 05 2008

As I have mentioned before my wife and I are Dave Ramsey fans. We just completed the Financial Peace University class offered by Dutch Fork Christian Church, tonight was actually the last class. So we were giving some brief testimonies of what had impacted us and how our lives had changed over the 13 weeks we were in the class, and one womans testimony was really powerful.

We will call her Jennifer, name changed but it will work. Jennifer and her husband have been financially struggling for several years. The kind of struggling that forces you to make choices about paying the mortgage or eating this month. Real struggle! Her husband is a fire fighter and got injured which put him out of work for some time and that really started the downward spiral of financial problems.

They got connected to DFCC and the Financial Peace University classes and have found hope. Tonight as we shared what has happened over the course of the last 13 weeks this woman brings out a stack of credit cards 15 – 20 thick and proceeds to share how they have paid off all of them and how they have begun to save. They only have $180 but it is the fist $180 they have ever saved, and it means so much more than just $180.

As I listened to their story this $180 is hope that they will not have to choose between paying the mortgage and feeding their kids. This $180 is hope that they will this year get to take the first vacation of their married life. This $180 is hope that her children will go to college. This $180 for Jennifer and her husband is the hope of a better life, the life God wants them to live.

I sat there tonight with tears in my eyes celebrating with Jennifer as I watched her give up all those credit cards and rejoice over the largest $180 I have ever seen.




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5 05 2008
laura mae

ahhh that’s awesome.

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