My Kingdom -VS- The Kingdom

4 05 2008

I have witnessed an attitude that seems to be alive at many churches. The attitude is one of pride. It says that my church is better than everyone else’s. My church is the best church. My church is doing things the “right” way. I believe this attitude is very destructive to the spread of the gospel in any community. It is a sin. This attitude is not just alive at the big mega church down the street it is alive at every church that is unwilling to acknowledge, celebrate, and partner with the work of God wherever it is, no matter the name on the church building. I have had this attitude before. Lord forgive me, but yesterday was different.

Yesterday, Dutch Fork Christian Church, East Lake Community Church, and St. Peters Baptist Church, all joined forces to serve the Friarsgate community. The 2008 FamJam Festival was a collaborative effort with the staff and volunteers of all 3 churches. It was awesome to see Christians pushing Jesus, more than our particular church.

With more than 500 people in attendance I stood there with Pastors Dave Bryan, of Dutch Fork Christian, and Kevin Pike, of EastLake, and celebrated what the body of Jesus Christ can do when we are Christians first and members of a church second. Jesus won yesterday as our community was served, families had a great time, and the gospel was advanced, as 3 churches thought it important to work together.

If you want to read more about what FamJam is you can go the the link below on EastLake Community Church’s website HERE.

Maybe the kingdom of my church should take a back seat to “The Kingdom”.



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