First Do No Harm – Seth Godin

25 04 2008

I just read this on Seth Godin blog and my mind is running a miliion miles an hour about how the church does this all the time. How does this look in the church. Where are we throwing the baby out with the bath water? What are we unknowingly loosing. Check it out.

“The best way to keep your bank from getting robbed is to not open a bank.

Sometimes, in our zeal to avoid loss at all costs, we focus too hard on the false positives (that guy might be a robber) and not enough on the false negatives (we just turned away a good prospect).

I just discovered that my gmail spam filter has been blocking orders from Google checkout! Astonishing.

I have also heard from two people who applied to my internship and never got the note I sent announcing that we’d completed our hiring cycle. (I hope to report more on the intern program in a month or two). Stopping spam is a worthless endeavor when you also stop non-spam.

Tolerating some noise and shoplifting and cranky customers is part of the deal. Better to be too open than too closed, I think.”



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