Systems Shape Success

26 03 2008

So here at Dutch Fork Christian Church we just went through a software implementation for Fellowship One church management software. That was a lot of work, but well worth it. I have used 2 other church management software solutions before this one and I am blown away. I will spare you all the technical details of why I believe it to be better than other solutions out there, but it does everything.

Fellowship One has caused us to really focus on some internal systems that were broken at our church. Having just been to Catalyst 07 a few months ago we all still have Andy Stanley’s message on systems fresh on our mind we are working hard to close some of those system gaps in the areas of guest follow-up and information management.  We are by no means done, but we are off to a good start.

What we have immediately noticed was that when the follow-up system was improved people stayed. I bet most of our churches are similar in that there may be a lot of people coming, but people are also leaving. Guests come and go right? Well in our short term focus on follow-up we have noticed more people staying. Guests are coming back over and over again.

We have not changed the sermons or the worship style we have simply implemented a system of follow-up that help fewer people fall through the cracks. I heard Andy Stanley say that sermons don’t change behavior, great worship doesn’t change behavior, systems change behavior. If you are a preacher like I am, that hurts, but it is reality. Our small success in guest retention is simply about follow-up.

Where does you ministry lack good systems? I am working to implement some much needed systems in my student ministry as we have seen significant growth in the last few months. I really believe the the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 has much to say about systems and being prepared for God’s blessing. God will not bless a broken system that will inevitably drop the blessings you are praying for. I want to anticipate God’s blessing and be prepared to harvest the blessing God brings




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26 03 2008
Jeff Hook


Welcome aboard! There are so many things that the church needs to get better at so that it can retain not just visitors, but also its members and givers as they change life stages. It is these “committed” believers that can also change churches if their needs are not well met as they change from one primary ministry to another as their circumstances change. We call this the need for re-assimilation.

Also, you are correct when you indicated that implementation has just started in that process improvement should be continual. Some churches simply implement the basics of Fellowship One and then stop. We have found that Dynamic Churches are always focused on what can be done better now that they have more information. Additional information gives you knowledge to do more things better which means doing things differently. Progress is change.

If you are coming to Dynamic Church Conference 2008, stop me in the hall and say hey! Look forward to seeing you there.

Grace to you,

Fellowship Technologies

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