Addicted to Starbucks

25 02 2008

SBCupI have made an interesting observation of my wife Michelle. Michelle and I both love Starbucks coffee. You might say we are addicted. Whenever we go we I have my coffe finished in 30 min. or less. I hate cold coffee. Michelle on the other had will have coffee left 2 hours later. The remaining coffee is a disgusting room temperature. I asked her why this was and she really didn’t have an answer. I believe she is addicted not to the coffee, but to holding the cup. She can hold a cup of cold coffee for hours. For her, and many others, it gives them confidence and security. This same observation has been made about socially drinking a beer or other drink.

This little observation parallels another I see in church leadership. Are you addicted to a leadership position or are you a leader? Many people love the title, the position, and are addicted to leadership, but in reality they aren’t leading at all. They love being in the meetings and being the ones who get to make decisions, but their leadership stops there.

Are you actually leading people? Small group leaders are leaders. Sunday School Teachers are leaders. Team leaders are leaders. Leaders lead people. Take a look at yourself. Is there a line of people following, even if it is a short line? Leaders lead people.

Are you a leader of people or are you addicted to leadership and really just holding the cup?




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