12 02 2008

My wife and I are in a Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University, class and Dave said this in passing about money, but I quickly grabbed onto this statement as it pertains to way more than just finances.

“Discipline: no one likes it, but everyone wants what it produces.” see Heb. 12:11 

Isn’t that you? It hit me between the eyes. Financially we all want to be secure, prepared, and building wealth, but those are the products of a disciplined financial life. We all want them, but few people are willing to live the discipline necessary to make that our reality.

How about in other areas? How does that play out physically in our bodies? In our children as we parent? In our marriages? As I lead my church?

Don’t just talk about being better. Make a change. Take a baby step in the right direction and start living a disciplined life.

“Enough baby steps in the right direction will always get you somewhere.” Dave Ramsey



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