I Wanted to Slap Him

2 02 2008

So I have been on a week or so break from blogging. I got a great book and was determined to finish it before I blogged. The book was “Communicating For Change” By Andy Stanley and Lane Jones. If you speak publicly in any way this is a must read. I will most likely post on the book at a latter time.

So the big news coming out of my life recently is the fact that I am going to seminary. It has been a difficult decision , but the doors opened and God has made it clear where I should go and just as important how I am going to pay for it. I wont tell you where I am going yet, again maybe in a future post.

So I was on the phone with an admissions counselor who was helping walk me through the process of enrolment and all the fun that involve. So I ask this guy what he is doing and he tells me he is working on his masters and plans to keep going and get his doctorate. (Must be a smart guy right?)

Than he says this. “I really think I need to be prepared for ministry before I just jump in and do it.” I had to choke back my response as I wanted to verbally jump through the phone and slap this guy. This is the school I am going to, so I didn’t do that, as this guys opinion of me will help get me into this school.

Is this for real? Does God really need me to be a Dr. before he can use me to do ministry? What about all the ministry I have been apart of before I receive the title of another degree? What about the average Christian who will never step into professional ministry, are they not equipped? What about 1 Peter 2:9? What about the fact that every Christian has a God given spiritual gift to be used as apart of the body of Christ to do ministry?

Statements like that burn me up, because they paralyze the rest of the church, with the exception of those who have the right letters after their name. They make people think that is the staffs job to do ministry. No, you are a minister no matter what you do professionally. If you are a follower of Jesus than you are a minister for Jesus! God has given you a gift and a circle of influence. Go do ministry. Go to the 16th floor of your building where you cubical is and do ministry to the people around you. Go the the halls of your high school and do ministry there. Go to the moms play group and do ministry to the other mothers and children there.

If you claim to be a follower of Jesus don’t believe the lie that tells us the only people qualified to do ministry are those with the title or degree. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. Take him into every place you can and minister to the people there. You may be the only Jesus those people ever see or hear.

Sorry, I needed to vent! I feel better now.




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5 02 2008


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