Contents not Edible…

22 01 2008

I recently was in the drive thru of a Starbucks, who would have thought, and behind the Starbucks was a small dumpster on it was a sign that said

“Contents Not Edible”

Now when I read the sign I was immediately hit with this thought “That is a stupid sign!” I even said that out loud to Michelle. The reason that is a stupid sign is that there is an extremely high correlation between homelessness, most likely the population eating out of the dumpster, and illiteracy. So the guy the sign is designed to communicate with is unable to understand the message.

Than I thought, doesn’t the church do the same thing. We think we are helping the community. We think we are really reaching out in new and creative ways. We think we are making a difference when in reality much of our effort is lost because we know little about our intended audience, spiritually homeless people. Maybe if we knew more lost people we might actually realize the solution is to find a way to give them food instead of running worship services they don’t understand anyway.




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23 01 2008

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Keep in the Faith!!

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