The Real Customer

4 12 2007

This is a great post from Steven Furtick. Check it out.

The modern church is obsessed with customer service. And we should be.
Helpful parking lot attendants, cheerful greeters, excellent programming…
You know that I entirely embrace (and applaud and promote and insist on) all of these elements of the modern worship experience.
The customer service in the Church of the Living God should rival Disney, Ritz-Carlton, and Nordstrom.

But why? Put another way: who is the customer that we’re so obsessed with serving?
The Christian who has known Christ for decades and needs more Churchianity activity variety on the menu?
Naw, they ought to be showing up to serve, not to be served .

Is the person who is far from God our customer? Everything we do at Elevation is designed to provide an experience for these people to encounter Christ.
No doubt, people far from God are our mission. But not our customer.
The customer I have in mind is much bigger than that.

The customer service in our church must be the best in the world because our ultimate Customer, Shareholder, CEO and Board of Directors, all rolled into one, is Jesus Christ Himself.
God is our customer.
Our service is to Him, through Him, and for Him. Period.
That’s why it has to be-has to be (!)- the best.

Psalm 48:1 sums it up:
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.

We serve a great God, so we should serve Him in a great way.
And as we make His glory and His satisfaction the aim of everything we do, those who know Christ will be strengthened, and people far from God will be drawn to Him.




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