Blogging Break

3 12 2007

Today I was confronted by someone at church who reads my blog and they were a little frustrated that it has been so long since my last post. Well let me first say I am sorry, well not really.

I was told that when I started blogging that I needed to make sure I allowed myself the freedom to put it down during times of business.  There are things more  important than blogging. So the last several weeks have been a total blur and I am leaving details out, but I have had a son in the hospital with what we are calling the $8,000 zit. It turned out he had some form of staff infection on his lower back upper butt. It appeared to be a pimple for two days and than swelled, and from a Dr. apt we were admitted to the children’s hospital. After 2 days, 1 night, and a surgery we were released.

From the hospital we came home to pack to leave for a week of family vacation. We ended up getting on the road much later than originally planned with the unanticipated hospital stay, but we were off. We enjoyed several days including Thanksgiving with family and than headed to Disney World. The kids almost exploded with excitement. So after all that we had a close friend who’s father died. They were apart of our small group so we all pulled together to be there for them.

So that has been my life for the last several weeks…

I think I am back, but who knows. When something important comes up you just do what you need to do to be there for your friends and family and blogging was not it.:)

Talk to you soon,





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