looking for broken moments

28 10 2007

Maybe you are like me in that you spend mush of your day doing routine tasks. These things are not bad they just occur over and over again, day after day, and week after week. These are things for me like doing the dishes every evening, taking out the trash, putting shoes on, and bathing the kids. They need to be done and I really am happy to do them most of the time, but these types of tasks consume a lot of time.

Maybe you should make your own list of routine tasks.

I was having lunch with a good friend on Friday and he shared how church and faith has a tenancy to turn into part of the routine. It seems that the things we do over and over again can easily turn into nothing more than a mindless routine. Things we started for good reasons loose there reasons along the journey.

For me one of those tasks that has become part of the daily routine is giving Cade and Benjamin a bath each evening. I was bathing them to the sounds of Steve Fee . His new album “We Shine” is being played a lot in my home these days. So the song “Lift High” came on and I was drying off Cade and during the line “Lift high you hands, ohhh lift high your hands” Cade, sitting in my lap starts singing the song and raises his hands into the air. It took 2 seconds to sink in. What I thought was background music was modeling worship to my 3 year old. I broke down crying.

It is powerful how attentive even young children are! In that moment I realized how packed with potential the routine really is. Even the moments we right off as just things we need or have to do can become moments of divine break through.

I now am in search of those moments. I have prayed that God break into my routine and use them to break me and align me with His desire and plan for my life.

Looking for broken moments,




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30 10 2007

You are such an awesome dad-just remember how blessed your kids are and how loved you are!!

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