Catalyst Day 1 recap

5 10 2007

Session 1 – Andy Stanley
“What do you do when you realize you the most powerful person in the room?”
“You leverage your leadership for the benefit of those in the room and not yourself.”

Andy used the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet to show how there are times when we as leaders are powerful people. If you lead people you are powerful, but as soon as you realize this you have a responsibility to leverage that power for the benefit of the others in the room.

Jesus in that moment when he acknowledges that he is all powerful, uses that moment to wash the disciples feet. In that act he showed how leaders should respond to power. Serve others. He used an awesome quote from King George after Britain was defeated by George Washington in the War of independence how Washington was asked and even being pushed to be the president again and again, 3 terms, people even wanted to call him king or emperor, and in that moment he walked away!

He had every opportunity to make his name great, to live the rest of his live with ultimate power, and he choose to step aside. Wow that is humility. When people sing our praise are we willing to leverage our power for others or for ourselves?

Session 2 – Pat Lencioni
Author of several awesome books I need to read including 5 dysfunctions of a team. He talked about every persons need to find value in their work. He broke it down to 3 issues that cause misery in a job. 1. Anonymity, people need to know that they are know and cared about. 2. Irrelevance, people need to hear from their leaders that what they do makes a difference. The role they play is needed and valuable 3. Lack of measurement, we don’t give people tools to measure their own effectiveness.

Session 3 – Gabe Lyons and the UnChristian guys.

These guys were presenting a new book that is describing the public conception of Christians, which is not good, and what we as the leaders of the church can do about it.

Session 4 – Shane Claborn
A different kind of church.
The community of Jesus must be different and ridiculously creative in how we approach the problems of this world. We must act creatively to change this world. He is very passionate about social issues and presents a Jesus that cares about social issues and came up with creative solutions to the social problems he encountered.

Session 5 – Francis Chan
That actually hurt. I sat there and felt God cutting away the lies that I have believed. Do I follow God call exactly as it is given to me or do I out of fear shrink from the battles God calls me to.

Understanding your calling, as a pastor is about loving, really loving the people you lead. It’s about unapologetically saying and doing exactly what Jesus calls you to say and do. He spoke from Jeremiah he and pointed out that from the beginning of time I have been chosen by God to do this. I am set apart to preach the good news. The spirit of God actually inhabits me. People will oppose you, for 30 years people opposed Jeremiah, but I am with you.

He challenged us to remember this is a war! There is no time for excuses and encouraging hugs. Get in there and do something. You will never hear a solder run to the general crying because people are shooting at him. We need to understand that there is an enemy and he will stop at nothing to stop you. Suck it up and fight till your death.

This is not about playing games.

Session 6 – Sunday Adelaja
Sunday is the pastor at the largest church in Europe. He has a very interesting story of God calling him from Nigeria to the Ukraine. He started with no one and God has now blessed him with a church who’s average 1 week attendance is 200,000 people, yeah that is right count the zeros again, I said 200 thousand! Totally insane! 2,000,000, yep 2 million people have accepted Jesus in the last 10 years under his ministry. This guy is brilliant and God is using him in crazy ways. He is actually starting a campaign on the U.S.A that starts Feb. 8, 2008. He believes that the U.S.A. has been such a help and opportunity to so many that he must do something to help as we struggle to redeem our culture from evil.

Session 7 – Rick Warren
What can you say about Rick? He is so powerful and so humble. He shared a lot about his journey and how God is using him to take on the 5 global giants. 1. Spiritual emptiness 2. Pandemic disease 3. Corrupt leadership 4. Clean water 5. Illiteracy. The church can make a difference on these issues.

He called for a new reformation. He said the first was about creeds and right doctrine and this one will be about deeds and doing what we say we believe. Wow!
We must get involved. He told us not to call ourselves Christians unless we were willing to be involved in doing something for the “least of these”.

What a fantastic day. I have learned more about leadership today than any other single day of my life. Thank you God for this opportunity, may I be a good steward of the tools you have put in my hands and may I continually give it all back to you.

Tomorrow is packed as we still have John Maxwell, Craig Groeshel, Tim Sanders, Dave Ramsey, Erwin McManus, and Andy Stanley again! I can not wait.




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