God’s provision

25 09 2007

Sorry for the choppy writting and flow I am tired and have already put off finishing this post 2x this week.

I find that I am much quicker to ask for thinks than I am to say thank you.

Can you relate?

I guess that is where my 2 sons get it from. I must entertain 1000+ requests a day. Daddy can I have this? Can we go to Chuckie Cheese? (their personal favorite) Can we have a treat? Over and over, I hope all kids are like this and not just mine. We are constantly modeling and teaching them to say “Thank you”. It happens about 30% of the time.

Maybe seeking God like a child (Matthew 18:2-4) includes understanding that EVERYTHING is given from His hand. See my children at the ages of almost 2 and 3 already understand that my wife and I are the ones who provide for them. When they need help Michelle and I, out of our love for them respond, not always the way the want, but hopefully in the way that is best.

So a few weeks ago I wrote about a transition our ministry was having to go through. We were loosing our worship leader to college. Laura had graduated high school and after serving as our youth worship leader for 2 years her time was done. I was sad and happy for her all in the same moment. The weeks that followed were tough as we were used to her flavor as our worship leader and now we had different ones filling in.

So we prayed that God would either raise up another person from within or bring us someone else who could not just pick up where Laura left off, but push us to the next level.

We asked God for a lot over the last several weeks.

God provided! We had no idea where or how He would, but He actually brought a student who had come through our ministry years ago back. Eric had been apart of our student ministry years ago had graduated and went away to college. Through a series of events he became dissatisfied with his college choice and returned home to attend a community college. He had not been planning on entering full time ministry, but he felt a call to do so and specifically in the area of worship. Eric is a gifted musician. So as we remained in contact and had lunch several times he began to share this with me. It was bizarre how God’s timing was perfect. Eric needed experience, an opportunity, and we needed a gifted worship leader.

Eric has now lead for us 2x and has committed to be our worship leader.

I said “thank you” several times! God is good and wants to provide for his children. Maybe you just need to ask and than say thank you.




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