What moves you?

16 09 2007

We are in an interesting time here at Dutch Fork Christian Church. We are evolving and embracing a much more contemporary style of worship and ministry in general. The changes have been from everything from church leadership, and worship style, to sound design, lighting and physical environments. Honestly a lot has changed and a lot is yet to change. Change should actually be apart of the DNA of every church. The only thing that stays the same is the life changing message of Jesus Christ, outside of that everything is bound to change, simple to reach one more person.

So as with any change there will always be those that don’t like it.  People complain about everything! To loud, not loud enough, to dark to bright, the hymn wasn’t done the way it was done 50 years ago therefore it wasn’t a hymn, whatever the issue someone will have a negative thought about what you do. As church leaders though we have to remember that if the changes are resulting in life change we need to keep that the focus. It even gets to the point that continuing to listen to the complaints will sidetrack you from life change. No one has enough time to entertain all the negative thoughts.

So as church continues to change, as DFCC continues to change, I must ask “What moves you?” Everyone has a favorite song, you know the one that may actually bring you to tears when it is done the way you like. Songs are powerful. They evoke emotion, and passion, but when that happens has that song and your preference about the way that song should be sung become an idol to you?  Are you worshiping the God of that song, or your own worship appetite?

This morning in church we witnessed 3 people being baptized. It was great! During the service however I didn’t prefer the songs that were chosen. I was changing in a dressing room after the baptisms and had to actually ask my self this question “What moves me?” Was I going to let myself be unsatisfied with the service simply because they didn’t sing the songs I would have preferred? I had just been apart of a life changing experience for 3 individuals. I should have been jacked up for God, but Satan attacks quickly! I had to literally say no! No I was not going to allow the focus off of what was important. No I was not going to allow my own preferences hinder me from giving God my worship. No I will not make myself an idol of opinion and preference. God deserves my worship even when it isn’t my favorite Chris Tomlin song done exactly they way I like.

Are you more moved by the idol of your preference than you are by God’s life changing work in peoples lives?



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