It’s not about marketing your church it’s about impacting your community

6 09 2007

I have been having an interesting thought bounce around in my head the last several weeks. I have been thinking about all the marketing that many churches including my own do to let people know what is happening at our churches. I see many churches doing some very impressive Photoshop masterpieces to announce upcoming sermon series, these churches do not all fall into this category, but many have publicity that is as slick as snot and very impressive and do nothing to serve their community. First of all I love good design! There is nothing wrong with that, I just bought Adobe Design Studio CS3 and love it, but are we marketing our churches instead of marketing Jesus?

How do you market Jesus? Is that possible on a piece of paper or on a web page? I believe that the only marketing Jesus really needs is people who are engaged in their communities. Impacting your communities for Jesus is about serving them, loving them, meeting their needs outside of your building. These things are much harder and more time consuming than a design job. They require investments of things not found or done on a computer. Maybe that is why it is easier to get a designer to create some slick e-vite that you mass mail to thousands, there is almost no personal investment.

The more I do ministry the more I am convinced that people reach people not marketing. So the question remains are you marketing your church or impacting your community?



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