Dirt Devil or Dyson?

13 08 2007

So my dog with all the heat lately has begun to shed. We joke around here that we find puppies behind the couches, or under a table. The puppy is a clump of hair that has been discarded by our dog Buff. All this hair has led to the need to vacuum daily. I guess this would be a good thing to do anyway, but it is required now or the puppies would take over.  This is where the fun begins.

So it is my job on Fri. afternoons while the boys are asleep to clean the house for small group, I have off on Fri. and it is a great day with the boys. So they take a nap and I get started. Mop the kitchen floor, pick up the toys, do laundry, and vacuum. Now Michelle and I had a cheap $75 Dirt Devil we recieved as a house warming gift when we moved into our first apt. years ago. We appreciated it then, but we have since moved up to a Dyson.

If you have never used a Dyson before you are missing one of the best cleaning experiences on this planet. I remember the first time I used a Dyson…

It was the annual dog shedding season and Michelle and I knew a friend that had a Dyson. The puppies were beginning to take over and the Dirt Devil just was not cutting it any more, so we borrowed it. Now when we got it home we had already vacuumed that day, the carpet still had the lines on it. It was beautiful, perfect vacuum lines, is there anything else that says clean than vacuum lines? We thought why not lets try it any way. So I began to vacuum, and vacuum, and vacuum. I emptied the waste canister 5 times or more as I eventually vacuumed the entire house. We were blown away to say the least. We thought the house was clean. I had wrestled with my boys on that floor countless times, the whole time wallowing in dead skin cells, insect excrement, dog hair, dog hair, and more dog hair.

It looked clean! It appeared to be perfect for enjoying a good wrestle, but it was filthy! The Dyson removed pounds of waste from every surface in our home. We vacuumed our mattress, the drapes, the carpet, the fans, the couches, and anything else we could think of.  The Dirt Devil had made everything look good, the lines were there in perfect parallel order, but nothing really changed. Nothing was cleaner.

So here is the ministry connection.

As you do ministry, as a Sr. pastor, YOUTH PASTOR, associate pastor, elder, youth worker, or nursery volunteer, ask yourself, “Are you just making things look good enough or are you really changing (helping change, God does the changing) the spiritual lives of the people you minister to?

See it is easy to look good enough, to make people feel like things are happening and that the status quo is maintained. We are fine with fluffy messages that don’t make us uncomfortable or motivate change coming from our churches. We are fine with the nursery workers just holding that child unti they stop crying and then putting them down. We are fine with the youth ministry filling up the calendar with events to keep our students busy. And we are fine with the children’s ministry being a glorified babysitting service.

What will it take for the Church to wake up and understand that they are making little difference in changing the lives of their people. The people won’t demand it, their perspective says everything is fine, but you know things really aren’t fine. Things look good on the outside, the carpet is raked to look nice, but little to no change is really happening.

Maybe God has given you this dissatisfaction for a reason? It’s not simply to be the person who complains about everything, those people never get anything done, but maybe God wants to use you to be a change agent, maybe your insight is felt by many others who just can not muster the courage to say anything, maybe you are the thing needed to realy make a diffrence.

Will you step up or stay silent, again.




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