5 07 2007

A group of Sr. high students our intern, Aaron, Wendy a girl on our volunteer staff and myself are here in beautiful east Tenn. at Milligan College, for CIY Summer Conference. If you have never had any contact with CIY and you are involved in student ministry these guys are the real deal. They do an awesome job of creating environments where your students will connect with God and you are free to connect with you students. I am always amazed by CIY’s creativity in presenting Jesus. They do an awesome job.

So anyway the them this week is “ones”. The idea is that we were never meant to live alone. Tonight Tim Grayy spoke and we looked at John 4, the woman at the well.  Just like her we all have been injured. Jesus wants to heal that injury and give us life. In our youth group time we went around and shared how we have been injured. We than broke into groups and prayed for each other. It was a very powerful time for our group.

We all carry so much pain and hurt that we were never designed to carry. The church is to be the place that others help us carry those pains and work through those injuries. We were all challenged to start being the church by making a our student ministries a place that we share our injuries and allow Jesus to use us to minister to each other.  It was a great night.




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