Summer Slam

1 07 2007

So there is a lot of talk around Dutch Fork about our upcoming summer slam, so I figured I would post the video promo. This sould answer a few questions. Michelle originally posted it to her blog, but but hey maybe there is someone who doesn’t read her blog out there. (She has way more readers than I do).

So Summer Slam is a 2 day event Dutch Fork Christian Church is doing to reach our neighborhood. We are bringing in a prfessional BMX bike group to do 2 shows and a bike safety demonstration. We are giving away 4 bicycles and tons of bike helmets. There will be free concessions, rides and games as well.

Day 2 is our worship service with a little remix. We want to be very intentional about communicating the gospel and that will happen. Pray that God moves and many lives are changed.

I am praying for 2000 people to attend on Sat. and 500 people to attend on Sun. My wife tells me I am insane and there is no way that those kids of numbers are possible, but “what if” it were? Only God knows.




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