Pray for opportunities

29 05 2007

So there I was in a weekly meeting with a guy I mentor and we were talking about taking every opportunity to play offense spiritually.

Mark Batterson wites in his book In A Pot With A Lion On A Snowy  Day “Maybe it is time for Christ followers to put on crash helmets and play offense.”

I shared that I felt like I was missing opportunities to play offense. Not that I was ignoring God’s prompting, but that I was not recognizing the oppertunities as such and therfor inadvertently missing them. I asked him to pray that I would see opportunities and know them as such and act.

When I got home my wife received an email from a family in our church.  The wife had an accident working in the yard. There is extensive dental work needed and the bills will be adding up.

My wife called and spoke with this woman and as soon as she got off the phone we agreed that we needed to do something. It was the opportunity I had asked for just 30 min. earlier We needed to play offense and make this family know they are loved and cared for. This was our little way of saying the accident was horrible, but God will provide and the church will respond! My wife and I agreed we should give them some money and watch their children to make the recovery as easy as possible and help with the bills.

I pray that God continues to show me ways to play offense and make a difference in my world.




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