Road Trip

27 05 2007

Maybe the journey is just as important as the destination.

Today my family and I took a day trip. We planned on heading to Aiken, SC, a 40 min. drive. On the way we saw a sign for Augusta, GA. Augusta was 15 miles past Aiken. We than saw a sign for a children’s museum in Augusta. We asked ourselves why not ditch our plans for Aiken and just continue to Augusta? So we just kept driving.

We were glad we did. We had an awesome day. Lunch at a little restaurant in down town was great, the museum was incredible (we only saw half of it), and there were plenty of Starbucks along the way. We had a great day. I totally love hanging out with the wife and kids.

Something spiritual…

Of course God is concerned with our eternal spiritual destination, but may He be just as concerned with our journey through life. Jesus came to give us the best life possible. Read John 10:10. Maybe God wants to not only save us for eternity, but also redeem every day between now and than. For me this day was redeemed and my family and I are grateful it was.




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