Sermon Preparation

26 05 2007

Tony Morgan recently shared 6 communication lessons that he has learned from Perry Noble while working at NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC).

  1. Prepare your messages weeks in advance.
    You’d be amazed at what the Holy Spirit will reveal in a month compared to what he reveals in a week.
  2. Speak the truth.
  3. Keep it simple.
    The less you teach, the more your audience will retain…and (more importantly) live out.
  4. Sweat the outline not the manuscript.
  5. Tell stories.
    People will tune out unless you engage their emotions.
  6. Invite others into the process.
    Perry is a phenomenal communicator, but one of his secrets is that every message is prepared with the input of a team.

Absolutely awesome. Many young pastors are looking for this advice. I am beginning a ministry renovation which will include many of the things mentioned here. I do plan ahead, but I want to be writting from week to week on the message for 2 weeks from now, not the talk for this week.

Great stuff guys!





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