Wed. night wrap up / Communion With students

24 05 2007

So last night we kicked off a new series called Clarity in 3D. The series is designed to communicate the 3 purposes of our church, youth ministry and really for all of us personally.

1. We exist to Discover God 2. We exist to Develop deeper relationships with God and others. and 3. We exist to Demonstrate the love of God to others.

So this week we started with Discover God. I used an illustration of a wedding and seeing your bride for the first time. You actually discover a new and different beauty you have never seen before. You knew your girlfriend before that day, but that day some thing new was revealed to you. She is your bride!

I talked about the wedding ring as a symbol for me of that moment I discovered Michelle as my bride. Discovering God is very similar. You may be able to talk about God, spout out all the religious talk, but until you see Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are still the best man. You just don’t understand.

We need symbols in our lives to help us rediscover over and over milestones, events, and commitments in our lives. The wedding ring is one such way to rediscover and remember. The Lords Supper / Communion is also a reminder, a symbol to help us rediscover over and over the redemptive work Jesus did for us.

We invited the students to take communion and remember what Jesus has done for us. We also invited students to examine their life as Paul mentions in 1 Cor. 1:25-28. In this examination we made sure students that know Jesus was as close as an invitation away. If they wanted to start a relationship with Him they could do that tonight.

The evening went long and I was not happy about that, but everything else was done well. The one question I was left asking was, Did we put the cart before the horse? Should communion be used as a tool to communicate the need for people to start a relationship with Jesus or should it be a time to remember? Can it be both? Is there a danger of people making a decision not routed in a desire to know Jesus, but so they can take communion?

Just some things I am kicking around.



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