Main Event wrap up

18 05 2007

So Wed. night we wrapped up our series on “Renovations” the main idea is that God wants to make all things new. Just to recap we looked at God’s desire to renovate our student ministry, All Access Ministries, God’s desire to renovate our life personally, God wants to renovate our relationships, and God wants to renovate our world.

The renovation of our world was this last Wed. it went pretty good. I was again faced with the question of what do you do when you are forced to punt. I will elaborate in a few lines.

So my summer intern arrived Sunday night and Wed. was his first encounter with most of our students. So Aaron, the intern, was scheduled to lead a crowd involvement game and than another crazy up front game. All that went well.

Worship went ok, except for a small feedback situation. Our student worship leader does a fantastic job.

After I game the message we have breakout groups for our students to interact with the content of the message. So we typically have 2 leaders per group. “PUNT” Aaron was going to be jumping into a underclassman guys group. The other leader of the group was called away when his mother in law got sick and needed to be picked up and driven home. So now Aaron, on his first night with this group of guys, is the solo leader.

His breakout group typically meets on the sidewalk outside the youth room. As they were having their conversation some guys walking through the church property started talking trash to a guy in the group. Aaron later commented that he was thinking that on his first night with these guys he was going to have to break up a fight. Aaron who was sitting on the sidewalk while this whole thing was happening stood up to talk to the guys passing through and apparently the whole thing fizzled out quickly. Did I mention that Aaron is 6 ft 6 in and a college athlete? Yeah he could be pretty intimidating. I guess the trouble makers were influenced to move on because they did.

So as fare as Aaron’s first night it was colorful.

The theme for the evening was God’s renovation of our world. I challenged the students to think of small ways to change one life. We used Mark 9:41 to say nothing is to small and Matthew 5:14-16 to motivate us to action. In the breakout groups every student was given a 1 dollar bill and challenged to use it to make a difference in someones life. One group of sr. high guys conceived an idea that I am really proud of. They are going to buy a cards for a member of our congregation who is incarcerated and write encouraging notes. I was blown away! They got it!

Anyways it was exciting night.

Next week we kick off a 3 week vision casting series that will be church wide called 3d. Some fun stuff in the plans for that.




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