Forced to punt!

15 05 2007

So what do you do when everything you planned for the 3rd highest attended Sunday changes 2 min. into the service?

So here we were Sunday morning, Mothers Day, and we had a great service planned. We called mothers day “Day of the Woman”. We got the idea from Ben Arment at Reston Comunity Church. We wanted to honor woman in a creative and memorable way. It was planned weeks ahead of time and everything was ready to go. The video countdown with Shania Twains, I Feel Like A Woman, hit zero, and than a video with 3 interviews honoring important woman in our congregation. We made one huge mistake. After the countdown hit zero there was nothing happening that called everyone in from the patio, bathrooms, coffee area, etc. to the stage that told them church was starting. So we had this great video playing with 50% or less of the people paying attention to what was happening.

Dave the Sr. pastor came to my seat and told me he wanted to turn off the video because people were not paying attention and this video was important in honoring woman. We decided that just turning it off was not the best plan as it would be very abrupt and cause a definite distraction as everyone would know there was a problem. So after this video there was a skit , than the welcome and spa give away, communion, the worship set, 1/2 the sermon done by a woman in our church and than the other half finished by the Sr. Pastor Dave.

We decided to move the welcome and communion up before the skit. This was done to hopefully draw people attention to the stage and communicate we were really starting. So now we had a skit that was completely out of place with an actor in a closet waiting to do a skit we had just moved. It was total craziness.

All this happened in 2 min. at the sound booth with myself and the Sr. Pastor. We than had to communicate to everyone they effected. The worship pastor, the skit girl, the media guy, the sound guy, the woman leading the communion meditation, and the woman preaching as part of the sermon.

What do you do when you have to punt. We screwed up and had to correct it on the fly.

In these moments you find out what kind of people you are working with!!! Our volunteers and staff sucked it up. literally I don’t think anyone was breathing the entire time, and pulled it off huge. Everyone just did there job and the final product was delivered with excellence.

For those of us on the inside of what was happening it was stress level to the max, but for those in attendance it came off perfect. God showed up in spite our blunder, woman were honored, and no one on staff had a heart attack.

Stress tends to reveal what you and your team are made of. I am happy to say our people rock and everything was fine. Thanks guys, you all did a great job of making it look like it was all planned that way.

So what has happened lately where you were forced to punt? What was the outcome?




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