Youth Ministry Structure

12 05 2007

I am in the process of rethinking the Jr. High Sr. High structure of our student ministry. Dutch Fork Christian Church is a small church and our student ministry has about 20 students in high school and 13 jr. high students. I understand the developmental issues that surround both groups of students and see many reasons based on development to have our jr. high and sr. high groups split. The kicker is that with a larger group of 30 – 50 the dynamics are totally different than 10 – 20. Currently our student ministry worships together at Main Event on Wed. night. At Main Event myself or another youth worker gives a sermon as introduction to a topic. That topic is talked about in age specific break out groups that night.

Our students are encouraged to take the topic and conversation started at Main Event back to their small groups where they can continue to interact with the topic in a gender and age specific small group.

My initial thought is to keep the jr. high and sr. groups together until the space we use is maxed out. I like the younger students seeing older students serve in ministry. I like the older students knowing they are role models and leaders.

There are also good reason to split now.

What do you think?



One response

12 05 2007

I think you need the momentum you have going now with the synergy of the whole group. You can set vision and make plans for the future with splitting the kids, but at this time I’d keep them together. As well as the resources needed to maintain 2 youth meetings at the extent you do them — cost, band/music resources and commitment, and your workers commitment. Just a few thoughts…

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