Week 3 – Renovations

10 05 2007

We jumped unto week 3 of our series “Renovations”. God is in the business of making all things new. Week 1 we talked about God is in the business of making ALL ACCESS Min. new, our youth group, week 2 we talked about the idea that God wants to do a renovation on us, and tonight we talked about God desire to renovate our relationships.

I had what I thought was a creative idea. I talked about the importance of the trash system at my house. I went into detail about how the trash is disposed of at my house. From consumption of a product to the small garbage can in the bathroom, to the big can outside the garage, to the garbage men who pick up the big can and dump it in the truck.

The illustration was to show that we all have relational garbage that piles up and we need to take out the garbage. We are all called to be peacemakers, which often requires action. Peace is not the absence of fighting, but the pursuit of resolution. If we are to be peace makers we must confront the relationships that are accumulating garbage and allow God to remove it.

While I carried a huge bag of garbage on my back the entire sermon, we gave students a strip of cut garbage bag and had them write the name of a person have had a conflict with that is unresolved. They were to go and use that as a reminder and not dispose of that garbage bag until they got rid of the relational garbage between themselves and the person on the bag.

It was a pretty good night.




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