Weekend wrap up

1 05 2007

Good weekend.

I had the privilege of preaching in the main worship service this week. It was awesome, not that I was that great, but God is moving at our church and I was a  small piece of that movement this weekend. If you want to hear the message you can get it at the Dutch Fork Christian Church web site, www.dutchfork.com.

I have never had a fear about delivering a sermon like I did this one. Not that I was afraid of speaking, but that this was the boldest thing I have ever been called to preach. The whole idea is that we are doing a poor job of being the church. It is easy for the church to think fellowship is the highest calling for the church, yet Jesus is clear that he came for the lost. I hope this messag generates some talk and action!

This is a topic we have been focusing on in this series, LOST. We are spinning it off the t.v. show, obviously. There have been 3 messages to our church with the 4th as an opportunity for our church to respond by reaching out to a friend and inviting them to next weeks service. We have a creative presentation of the gospel planned and we are praying that God moves in a very powerful way.

It is always a little rough speaking on Sunday morning and than having to speak in the evening at Main Event. I always feel like the students loose, because the AM gets so much attention.

Main Event went ok. I started our RENOVATIONS series. The first message was vision casting about what is to come. Wed. is a huge night for our ministry as we are moving Main  Event to Wed. night. It should be a good change for us. We are also kicking off a free breakfast Wed. at 8:00 AM. We are trying to be very intentional about evangelism and giving students tools to reach out to their friends.

Please say a prayer for me as I lead this ministry to new places.




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